I am doing this website to increase the amount of information available for HAM operators in Marion County Florida as it relates to emergency situations. I am not a member of or connected to any club, group, or agency that is responsible for communications during an event. This is all FYI and all opinions are entirely mine.

There are two entities that have emergency communication plans and sometimes info about these plans can be hard to find. Those are the Marion County ARES through the Silver Springs Radio Club and the Marion Emergency Radio Team. Both have websites (www.k4gso.us and www.kg4nxo.com) .

Sun Country Amateur Radio Society in Anthony has a large membership, but no information is available as to what if anything they have planned in case of an event. Their site information includes the statement “Our group is more of a social group rather than a official structured club“. You can check their website at http://www.146970.com/

There are other smaller radio clubs in the county and there is the Advent Health group of hospitals and other medical sites and they do have a coordinated plan for emergencies.

I do have other information that is useful to HAMS about D-Star, repeaters, WinLink, and other links that I will again post on this site. I will also post the most used repeaters during emergencies in Marion County and info for setting these repeaters up on your rigs.

So, if you see something you don’t agree with, or more info I can post to help pass information along, just send an e-mail or fill out comment on the page in question.

See you down the log.