About ARES

ARES is nation wide. There are national, state, and county ARES guidelines to follow. You can see all of these through the ARRL national website.

Any Licensed HAM can be a member of ARES.

Now in Florida, there are three ARRL sections – north (where we are), south, and south west (think Tampa). So, Marion ARES is in the Northern Florida Section of ARRL for ARES. Each one of these areas has their own specific guidelines to follow in case of emergency, and a list of websites to contact for up to date weather and other necessary info during an event.

Connect to ARRL NFL ARES pages here: https://arrl-nfl.org/ares/

Download the Marion County ARES plan here:

To keep up with the local ARES, go to the Silver Springs website, which also links to the ARES website, and check especially the publication The Oracle.

ARES meetings are scheduled thru the SSRC, sometimes at club meetings, but you have to check. Also check the ARES net, the SSRC net, and the Skywarn net if you are able. They are all on the K4GSO VHF repeater.

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