About MERT

The Marion County Sheriff website information about MERT is:

“The MERT Program is designed to provide communications support to areas such as Shelters, Healthcare Facilities, Point of Distributions, and more during times of disasters. They assist with moving valuable communications between agencies and locations about storm information, resource needs and requests.”

“The MERT Program combines many types of radio and communications devices into one program providing numerous sources of information and communication.”

The MERT members have their own website at www.kg4nxo.com. They can not publish any official MCSO procedures or documents on the website:

“This website is for the MERT radio operators and the CERT volunteers in Marion County, Florida. It is used to pass information relating to each group, promote the use of amateur radio, pass along useful information to operate during emergencies for public safety. The opinions expressed herein are not endorsed by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.”

So, if you want more information you have to contact a member of one of these two groups.

If you are interested in joining MERT, or any other MCSO volunteer program, go to: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56f0545e746fb991aa14ee95/t/5728ec41044262195a1346b8/1462299713453/updated-EM-Volunteer-Program-Application.pdf for an application. There are qualifications and restrictions for membership.

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