An Event?

So, what is an event? As it relates to HAM operators, it is anything that disrupts normal communication, like a hurricane. As the ARRL says:


So, what do you do during an event, like a hurricane, if you are not a member of anything? And then, what is the best, or proper way, to contact any of the emergency groups? Very good questions.

There are several things you need to know, and at least, be aware of. I am going to put up separate pages for the areas that I think are the most important for you. There are probably more that may apply to your area of the county. But, the areas I think would benefit you most are on ARES, MERT, SARNET, and HF communications.

To check these areas out, click on the TABS in the MENU. And if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, let me know by sending a comment.

So, your best bet at first is to just sit back and listen to the main VHF repeaters and the three D-Star repeaters. D-Rats and WinLink2K won’t be of much use if you are not part of the addressing for messages, and the internet site for D-Rats is password protected. HF will, as always, be hit and miss.

The county repeaters are listed on another page of this website.

For a PDF file of ICS 205A for Marion County, click here:

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