D-Star for EmComm

If you are new to D-Star, I’ll just go over some of the basics. For more detailed information and instruction information, go to www.dstarinfo.com.

D-Star allows the user to send voice and / or data transmissions over the air. This digital system means not only can you send a 213 into the EOC by voice, but also by a digital format for a 213 using the data capability of D-Star. And because D-Star is over the air locally by using one of three d-Star repeaters, the connections made by those repeaters to the internet can send the same 213 message around the world.

The EOC has a computer connected to the internet that receives and sends digital information, such as a 213 form, using a program called D-Rats. That same computer is also connected to a D-Star radio that can send and receive D-Rats forms over the air. While the D-rats computer on the internet is password protected for MERT members only, you can send information into the EOC D-Rats system without the need for a password.

BUT before you send any D-Rats forms over the air, the NCS at the EOC needs to know you intend to send digital information and needs to OK it. Sending a form over D-Star can take some time, depending on both your equipment and the equipment at the receiving site.

You can practice using D-Rats with D-Star by sending a 213 to yourself. How to do that is on the website.