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Here are some links and download sites that might be of use to you:

Dplus Dashboards to monitor reflectors

Dplus Dashboard
Reflector 30
Dplus Dashboard
Reflector 37
Dplus Dashboard
KK4DFC repeater
To download and install DRats


You MUST register your call sign for D-Star use on reflectors. Click here to register, or you can go to the main DStar Gateway page for more information.

KK4DFC – VHF – 146.790MHz
Not On A Reflector
KG4NXO – VHF – 145.170 MHz
Set On REF030C
KG4NXO – UHF 443.875 MHz
Set On REF037C
Getting Started with Drats
Practice D-Rats
Setup D-Rats Forms
Using The Dv Dongle
Using The Dvap
Dongle informationDV Tool


We have the capability to use WINLINK EXPRESS in the MERT/EOC. New equipment was purchased after the original was destroyed by the lighting hit MERT experienced. It is a high-speed HF Pactor SCS PTC III Modem and we also have an earlier version of Pactor SCS PTCII in the MCC trailer. MERT also has a DIGI repeater on VHF and capabilities to send, receive and also printout ICS forms and many others. If there is a total loss of INTERNET the above has the capabilities to send forms and messages to WINLINK user’s Call Sign addresses. It also has capabilities to send normal individual email addresses. If have the Internet, you still can send forms and messages as described
above via TELNET. TELNET is a SUPERFAST delivery system, unlike normal email.
Winlink Express can be used on VHF using a KPC3+ TNC or using a Sound Card such as a SignaLink and soundcard software available on the Winlink web site.
On HF, Winlink has many ways it can be used also with a SignaLink Sound Card or if you have big bucks a Pactor modem (fast speed). The Winlink Express program is continually updated to improve and keep a variety of ICS, Radiograms, Hospital, and many many more forms.
If you want to know all there is about WINLINK, CLICK HERE  
WinLink FAQ’s
Winlink information guide

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